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LAWYERS takes a lead in abolishing witchcraft and violence against women.

         Kathmandu. A writ petition filed a month ago, against the government, demanding a strong and strict law to be made that would make an end to the customary witch allegation and torture against women, can be seen as one optimistic step by young promising lawyers representing a non-government organisation LAWYERS

         Lawyers Association for women, youth, environment, rights and society  LAWYERS, one pioneer institution expresses its views on witchcraft as an unscientific allegation against poor women especially from rural villages. It all started with a humanitarian conscience of members of LAWYERS when Maranidevi of Simardehi vdc, Mahottari was beaten to death and forced to consume human stool. The serial of such allegation didn’t stop and soon a list of names were added to the victim women such Malechiyadevi, Pamphadevi etc.

         Advocate Santosh Giri, Advocate Reshma Thapa, Advocate Gopal Shah and Advocate Sharmila Dhakal of LAWYERS, claim that one of the main reason of such inhuman allegation is because of lack of good governance in the local governance. The local representatives, who themselves are uneducated and believe in such subjects like witchcrafts are one of the main pedestal for those who believe in such.

         The writ petition , was brought to a hearing for an appropriate order in the Supreme Court last month , where all the new lawyers proved their dedication in the case and demanded appropriate answers to be taken from the defendants viz. Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Prime ministers Office and the local authorities. Lawmaker, Hon. Justice Gyanendra Bdr. Shrestha’s bench issued an order against such defendants after hearing the petition of the plaintiff.

         LAWYERS seems very positive in their case and are confident that the violence and torture against women will come to an end in a legal way as soon as an appropriate law is made regarding such issues of witchcraft allegations.

         LAWYERS has recently brought out a dummy journal that covers the news, views and measures taken till now in the witch allegation cases in Nepal. The 20-page journal covers most of the cases with pictures and statistics. According to Advocate Santosh Giri, CEO of LAWYERS, they have been searching for a donor agency both national or international that would help them undergo a 6 months intensive research in the related subject which would eventually bring out possible statistics and enable LAWYERS to take exact measure to make sure such accidents merely happen in near future. The grant or donation will also be utilised for a recycled publication and distribution of the journal BOXI AAROOP” which LAWYERS intends to distribute among the affected areas and awakening the concerned authorities too.

         LAWYERS, even claims that only 1% of the total mishaps is brought before the eyes of the media while the other 99% are suppressed inside the villages only. The local authority and administration seems to be the main accused in such incidents for not bringing out the truth to the concerned people and the government as well.

         LAWYERS request all concerned citizens, Go’s, Ngo’s, Ingo’s, Cbo’s and Donor Agencies working in Nepal to join hands with this enthusiastic movement and help victims and possible victims achieve a peaceful and secure life in the coming up days.

                 Together we can and together we will make a difference!

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